aRTy Genomics

Identifying disease causing genetic changes in seconds rather than days.

aRTy Genomics is a research project within the University of Edinburgh working on development of a new approach to genomic sequencing analysis and identifying disease causing variants.

aRTy Genomics Solution

aRTy Genomics allows disease causing genetic changes to be identified in seconds rather than days.

This speed of performance coupled with an adaptable interface will allow specialist clinicians to analyse genomic data in combination with other test results, in real time, in the clinic.

Works in Real Time

To identify genetic changes in seconds rather than days.

In Clinic

aRTy Genomics can be used in clinic by clinicians.

Detailed Analyis

Our solution provides detailed analysis for improves insights.

Life Changing

We’re working to enable early diagnoses thus allowing for improved survival rates.

Our Mission

Advances in genomic sequencing mean it is becoming more widely used in healthcare to diagnose the genetic cause of many diseases. Analysis of genomic sequencing data is a very complex and time-consuming process that requires skilled scientists in collaboration with clinicians. A patient’s diagnostic odyssey can take years and only around 35% of individuals receive a diagnosis after genome sequencing.

aRTy Genomics allows disease causing variants in the DNA to be identified in seconds rather than days, dramatically reducing the time required for a detailed diagnostic analysis. Through our adaptive interface and lack of requirement for expensive computing setups, specialist clinicians will also be able to perform this analysis, and combine it with other test results in the clinic in real time to give life changing diagnoses to individuals and their families.

Our Team

Liusaidh Owen

Oriol Canela Xandri

Les Gaw

Rhys Roberts


aRTy Genomics Supported by Our Partners

aRTy Genomics is a University of Edinburgh research project taking part on a Innovate UK funded ICURe programme. Together, we strive to push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation, and create a better future for all.

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To reach out to our team and learn more about aRTy Genomics, please get in touch using the contact form. We are especially keen to connect with clinicians, NHS and healthcare providers, clincial scientists and companies providing or performing genome sequencing.